The Shire Martial Arts Teen Program
For 11-15 year olds

The Shire Martial Arts Teen Black Belt Program is a 11-15 yr old age specific curriculum.
This program is broken into 3 parts. The Yellow program (beginners), the Blue program (intermediate) and the Red program (advanced).

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The ‘SMA’ Teens start off slowly in the Yellow program so that they may develop a strong Martial Arts foundation.
We teach them skills like how to develop, strength by giving them a rigorous work out that includes push ups, sit ups and other Martial Arts specific skills.
Flexibility is also an integral part of Martial Arts so we ensure that Teen students learn about stretching and being loose.
We also teach them how build their endurance by skipping and with lots of other exciting martial arts drills. Everyone sweats at Shire Martial Arts!
Goodbye to ‘little’ upsets
The positive attitude adjustment gained from regular Martial Arts training soon makes a student’s self esteem and confidence grow and develop to a level where eventually it is possible for them to implicitly trust their own judgment and thoughts.
This self trust allows students to shift their focus off the effects of their problems and onto ways to deal with them.

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Many students say that Martial Arts training helps them feel as though they are moving ‘onwards and upwards’ in life instead of stagnating or wallowing in it.
The payoff for a student is when one day they suddenly realise literally, that life’s ‘upsets’ no longer affect them in the dramatic way they once used to.
We also teach teens effective self defence and escape move in a structured way so that they may be learned properly and be retained for life.
As Teen students progress into the Blue and subsequent Red program we introduce them to Martial arts weapons such as the long stick (Bong Sul).
Our Blue and Red curriculum is also designed so each and every student is able to escape and defend themselves against multiple assailants as well as knife and club attacks.


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Teen Class Times
4.45 pm – 5.25 pm
Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays

5.30 pm – 6.15 pm
Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays

9.00 am – 10.00 pm