SMA students stretch

Over the past 20 years SMA has trained over 1000 students!

At SMA we’ve noticed that people tend to stop their Martial Arts training for many reasons such as work and study commitments, becoming involved with other activities, are not ready to commit to the challenge of achieving black belt, fear of failure, self doubts, anxiety or low self esteem. Some even leave after achieving their black belt.

Perhaps it’s time to consider finishing what you started, even if it was years ago?

In our 20th year Shire Martial Arts would like to reach out to ALL of our former students with an offer to reconnect with us in a safe, friendly and fun environment at our brand new state of the art training facility at Taren Point.

If the possibility of earning your Black belt or even your 2nd, 3rd Dan or 4th Dan is something that stirs inside of you or if you believe you now have what it takes to strive forward and embrace a personal challenge, this is how you can reconnect with us.

All former SMA students who contact us in 2015, our 20th anniversary will receive:

  • 1 x private or semi private class
  • 2 x free weeks of training

Then, if you decide that you’d like to continue your journey and rejoin a SMA program we’ll give you:

  • 1 x free uniform
  • 1 x free month of training

We’d love to hear from you again no matter how long it’s been. If you’d like to find out more about reconnecting with us call Gwangjangnim Gary on  02 9531 7648 or send an email to:

To find out more about our history please use this link. to find out more about SMA family Martial Arts please use this link