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Shire Martial Arts is a Black belt Martial Arts school two minutes away from Cronulla beach. Shire Martial Arts is a shortened name for Sutherland Shire Martial Arts. We were established in 1995 at Gunnamatta Park in Cronulla and were first known as Taekwondo Cronulla.  As well as that we were known as Cronulla Martial Arts or Cronulla Tae kwon do. In those early days of teaching Taekwondo lessons in Cronulla we also taught martial arts classes for kids in the Sutherland Shire at Sutherland Pool. For a while we also taught martial arts classes and Taekwondo training at North Cronulla Surf club. This was also when we first began teaching personal safety programs, women’s self defence classes and WTF Taekwondo as a part of Taekwondo NSW which is also a part of Taekwondo Australia. Our main activity though is Martial Arts training at Cronulla for the boys, girl’s men and women of Cronulla. However, since 2005 we are now also known around the Sutherland Shire as Miranda Martial Arts or Miranda Taekwondo. In 2005 we opened a full time martial arts studio in the Sutherland Shire at Taren point where we changed our name to Shire Martial Arts. Our kid’s self defence classes and our children’s Taekwondo martial arts lessons have now been a part of the Caringbah Martial Arts scene for over 10 years. Shire Martial Arts is also one of the few places in NSW where you can learn Taekwondo Bongsul which is a Taekwondo weapon art or a stick fighting art designed by Master Young Dai Cho 9th Dan. These days the Shire Martial Arts Master Instructor Gary Simmons 5th Dan WTF black belt is a well known Tae kwon do teacher of Women’s self defence in the Sutherland Shire. Gary Simmons is also a professional speaker and corporate trainer and writer. Please contact Shire Martial Arts to find out about the Be Safe In Your Space corporate training programs for non-violent self defence and Leadership building. Recently Shire Martial Arts moved from their previous Taekwondo Dojang at Taren Point into a brand new state of the art Martial Arts Academy located at 16-18 Northumberland Dr Caringbah. This new self defence facility is now teaching kids how to deal non-violently with bullies and bullying through kid’s self defence and child Martial Arts programs and child Martial Arts classes. We also help kids win the fight of childhood obeisity. The new Shire Martial Arts training centre is also great place to learn how to build martial arts fitness, confidence and self esteem, especially for people of the Sutherland Shire who need advice for dealing with bullies or bullying at school. That is why the Shire Martial Arts Lil Dolphins, Junior Martial Arts lessons and Big Dolphins, Junior Taekwondo classes make a complete range of child development programs. The Shire Martial Arts facility is also available to be used as a conference centre or a place to conduct Yoga workshops or Martial Arts seminars.