Introducing the Shire Martial Arts Black Belt Club

Shire Martial Arts Black Belt ClubDue to the popularity and success of the Black Belt Club (BBC) in our Big Dolphins program we’ve decided to expand it so that our Teen and adult students can also be a part of it.

So what is the BBC?

The Black Belt Club is a special Shire Martial Arts program program that has been designed to give the ultimate Martial Arts training experience to our most SERIOUS students who have the aim of earning a Black belt as a major goal in their life. There are no extra training fees or extra compulsory extra classes in BBC, candidates must be self motivated and responsible for themselves.

The SMA Team is there to help

Of course the SMA team will be there every step of the way to assist and help, plus we provide free and regular tutorial classes for some one on one training, a forum for asking questions and to practice the techniques that are in the test

Basically the BBC is an enhanced training program for our keen students who want to be the best Martial Artist and the best person they can be. The Black Belt Club is for further cultivating several key personal qualities in all of it’s members such as:

  • Goal setting
  • Leadership
  • Confidence
  • Self esteem
  • Self reliance
  • Self expression
  • Team work

The Black belt Club will comprise of three stages:

  • Stage 1: For yellow belts
  • Stage 2: For Blue belts
  • Stage 3: For Red belts

First off, when you join the Black Belt Club you must set a goal of WHEN YOU WILL REACH BLACK BELT.

Therefore candidates must calculate at what age they aim to be a black belt. As a rough guide, after entry into BBC it takes about three and half years to work through the Gups (Taekwondo colour belt ranks). For more information refer to the SMA Belts page.

The Shire Martial Arts Black Belt Club is also an inner circle of the school. Members of this prestigious program receive:

  • Special BBC lessons each month
  • We are able to focus on different aspects of martial arts training that we don’t have time to practice in normal classes such as Poomsae (patterns), advanced self defence and martial arts weapons training and a whole lot more!
  • Leadership coaching
  • BBC students will firstly be trained as role models. After that, BBC students with the right leadership attitude may also be eligible to be a part of our SMA Leadership Program
  • A special BBC patch for your uniform. BBC students are identified by the official BBC badge
  • Achieve their 1st Dan Black belt sooner
  • Most SMA students need to pass 4 Tip Tests per belt. BBC students only need to pass 3 Tip Tests per belts which means they will reach their 1st Dan Black belt faster!
  • The only way students can qualify for the Shire Martial Arts Black Belt Club is by an instructors recommendation which is based on the nominated students:
  • Effort
  • Attitude
  • Character
  • Attendance

And, their willingness to set goals and be the best Martial Artist and person they can be. Candidates must also have demonstrated an ability to follow the tenants of the Shire  Martial Arts Student Creed and the SMA rules. They must also pass a practical test.

To qualify for the Shire Martial Arts Black Belt Club, each student must:

a) Pass the BBC practical test (Master Gary will speak about this at your BBC conference)

b) Pass the qualification criteria below:

Be at least a 8th Gup Yellow belt for stage 1. A 6th Gup Blue/white for stage 2 and a 3rd Gup Red/white for stage 3.

  • Have a good attendance record
  • Demonstrate outstanding Taekwondo etiquette and manner
  • Possess a passion and desire to develop EXCELLENT martial arts technique and skill
  • A positive attitude towards others at training, at home and in everyday life
  • To have shown active support at Shire Martial Arts by helping out, being involved in our activities or by introducing new students
  • A willingness to set new and definitive goals in their study of the martial arts by nominating at what age they intend to reach their black belt.

Overall, the objective of the Shire Martial Arts Black Belt Club is to help it’s members attain their personal best. As martial artists, the emphasis is placed on skill and technique. However, the main aim of the BBC is to develop personal skills so that it’s members are able to grow and thrive as well rounded individuals who are more than adequately equipped with the ability to cope with life’s challenges.

More detailed information about who can apply and how will be rolled out soon.