Little Dolphins

The Shire Martial Arts Little Dolphins Program
For 4-6 year olds

The Shire Martial Arts Little Dolphin’s program is a 4-6 yr old age specific curriculum designed to teach children important life skills in a fun, exciting and fulfilling manner.
The secret to teaching your child co-ordination, concentration, self control, focus, discipline and more is a unique method we call ‘Edu-fun’. This utilises the excitement and fun of the Little Dolphins Martial Arts skills.

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Your child will learn MORE than just how to kick and punch – They learn SKILLS for LIFE
The Little Dolphin’s activities will keep your child physically fit. Also, many of the group activities show children the benefits of good behaviour. Most importantly the class curriculum also helps young kids see the value of good manners and trying their best both in and outside of the class room. The Little Dolphin’s curriculum helps to teach the key life lessons that every child should know.
Little Dolphin’s reinforces family values
Many of the concepts and lessons you are teaching your child at home will be consistently reinforced through class room discussions in the Little Dolphin program. Topics such as: good manners (including keeping hands and feet to themselves), respect for one’s self and others, following directions the FIRST time – and more, are taught and reinforced.


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Here’s how we help your child learn to set goals, build confidence and have a positive outlook in life.
At the end of each class, students line up and receive a special sticker on their attendance booklet. When a Little Dolphin recives 4 stickers, they then receive a special stripe or ‘tip’ on their belt. The belt tips are an achievement award and work as an extra incentive. Once a Little Dolphin has earned the 3 tips needed for their belt they then move up to the next Little Dolphin coloured belt. This helps kids see the benefits in trying their best. See how in our Little Dolphin’s video
Little Dolphins helps prepare your child for life in the BIG world
Little Dolphins improves kids basic motor skills, as well as their positive mental skills – the very things that will help your child enter society with a confident and enthusiastic outlook.
Little Dolphins become better school students, better listeners at home and they feel more ambitious about their future goals.
 Little Dolphins graduate into Big Dolphins and then eventually they move into the Shire Martial Arts Junior Black Belt program.

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Shire Martial Arts Karate for kids

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Little Dolphins Class Times
3.55 pm – 4.40 pm
Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays

On the 4.00 pm Wednesday class either Mum or Dad can join in!