Intro Booking


Introductory Program

At Shire Martial Arts we’ve found that the best way for new students to decide if our Martial Arts black belt school is going to be a good fit for them is to enroll in our 3 class Introductory Program.

We’ve found by providing a structured orientation program rather than offering a ‘try a class for free’ system, students who do enroll in our various programs have a far better chance of ongoing success.

Normally, the cost of our 3 class Introductory Program is $70 per student. However, if you apply online, two or three students from the same immediate family such as brothers, sisters or parents can enroll in the program for the price of one! That’s $70.

To offer even more value, if you pay for your Intro Program online through PayPal on the link below today (You don’t need to have a PayPal account for this) you can enroll in the Intro Program for only $65.

To book a place in our 3 class Introductory Program please follow these 3 steps:

Step 1.

Please complete the registration form by filling out all of the fields below and click ‘send’

Step 2.

To get the discount, click on the PayPal Button under the registration form and pay for your and your child’s place using your credit card or by PayPal

Step 3.

Receive your Intro Program confirmation, information as well as some pre-course resources