Intro Landing

Introductory Program

You or your child’s Martial Arts journey begins with our 3 class ‘Intro Program’. This is a structured 2 week induction program that will help you and your child get a good idea about:

  • What it is like training at Shire Martial Arts
  • What the classes involve
  • If we are going to be a good fit
  • The logistics of Martial Arts training

Our Intro Program involves you or your child coming to class twice in the first week and then once in the second week (or the other way around). This will help you get a feel for the logistics of our Martial Arts personal development programs. If something happens during the Intro Program where you can’t make it, it’s okay we’ll extend the Intro Program at no extra cost. 

Once you or your child completes the Intro Program you can then make an informed decision about taking the next step and enrolling as a Shire Martial Arts student.

What to wear and bring

Just wear comfortable clothing that is suitable for a light to moderate workout such as track suit pants, shorts, tights or t-shirt. We have professional Martial Arts mats so we train in bare feet. There are changing facilities for your convenience.

Notes about the Intro Program and children

As mentioned, our Martial Arts programs are unique because they are based on personal development. This begins with the Intro Program. 

After seeing video and photos of our dynamic and fun classes, the majority of kids are super keen to get started in their Intro Program. However, for some kids when they walk into the doorway of our training centre for the first time on the day when they’re booked to start their Intro Program, they see our students in their Shire Martial Arts uniforms with their coloured belts, who all seem to know each other and feel the energy and hear the noise of our classes, it can be a little overwhelming where they can become self conscious, shy and withdrawn.

Don’t worry, we see this all the time and our friendly team members will ensure that your child feels included and supported.

However, we also need your help.

Once you and your child agree that you will try out Shire Martial Arts it’s vital that you say to them:

“You’re going to try out Martial Arts training today and you have to agree that you’ll go to 3 classes to give yourself a good idea about what’s it like”. “Then, once you’ve completed your three classes we can talk about if you want to join up or not. If you want to keep going you’ll know what to expect and if you don’t, at least you saw it through and tried it out properly”.

We can’t stress the importance of this conversation. In over twenty years of operation, we’ve had countless situations where on class one a child is firmly attached to Mum’s leg or lap and then by the end of class three they can’t wait to get their free Shire Martial Arts uniform when they join us.

Book Your Intro Program Here

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Shire Martial Arts Intro Program 1

1 Person Intro Program – $65 for 3 classes


Shire Martial Arts Intro Program 2

2 Person Intro Program – $125 for 3 classes


Shire Martial Arts Intro Program 3

Family Intro Program (3 or more people) – $180 for 3 classes