Family Martial Arts

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You’ve probably noticed that we tend to talk about ‘family Martial Arts’ at SMA quite a bit.

In fact, to help encourage family Martial Arts we tell our parents “… if you have two or more kids training at Shire Martial Arts, then Mum or Dad can train for FREE”.

If two or more of your kids train with us then consider trying out our Adult program. Many of our family groups enjoy training together in our Saturday morning class. Some parents of teens also join in the occasional teen class!

If you don’t have two kids training with us you can still try our Adult program for free in our ‘VIP’ program where you can join our classes for two weeks without charge. It’s an opportunity to experience what Shire Martial Arts has to offer.

We currently have quite a few families training with us. There is Alex and his two kids Anae and Quentin, Adrian and his two daughters Georgia and Jamie, there’s Sylvan and his daughter Layla, Darcy and his son Jackson, Dan and his daughter Nicole and we have Michael training with his son Zac.

Over the years we’ve also had a few families earn their International black belts together such as Sue and her son Mathew, Stephen and his two kids Jessica and Cameron, Angela and her grandson Anthony as well as Peter and Josh. We’ve also had some 2nd Dans including Rowan and his son Tim along with Jackson who is a 1st Dan (and still with us) and there was Curt snr and Curt Jnr.

Martial Arts training gives you something in common with your kids and a huge array of other benefits including fitness, self defence skills, weight loss, confidence and self esteem.

If you’d like to find out more about adult and family Martial Arts use this link.

Former Shire Martial Arts students can find out about our special reconnection offer with this link. Alternatively, call Gwangjangnim Gary on 9531 7648 or send an email to:

Shire Martial Arts is Family Martial Arts

Family Martial Arts: Black belts (from L) Jessica, Stephen & Cameron all earned their 1st Dan Black belts together at Shire Martial Arts