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How to Find the Best Martial Arts School

Knowing how to find the best Martial Arts school can be a daunting and perplexing task. With a seemingly vast array of Martial Arts ‘styles’, schools and instructors out there, it can often be a case of hit and miss when you’re looking for the right school for you or your child. The following 8 tips will help you avoid some potential pitfalls so you can avoid joining a second rate school that won’t be a good fit. 1. Deciding on what’s the best ‘type’ of Martial Arts Basically there are two types of Martial Arts. There’s the wrestling around on […]

Caringbah Taekwondo at Shire Martial Arts Mentoring

Caringbah Taekwondo Mentorship Caringbah Taekwondo at Shire Martial Arts has a unique system of mentoring our students. We call it our ‘Special Winning Attitude Team’ or SWAT program which is a part of our STORM employment program. It works like this… our Caringbah Taekwondo senior instructors mentor our junior instructors who then mentor our assistants who in turn mentor our students. The STORM program is for graduates of our SWAT (Special Winning Attitude Team) program which Shire Martial Arts runs every two years. There is a video that explains in more detail how the SWAT and STORM programs operate. The video […]

Shire Martial Arts: The ‘Good Old Days’

The Shire Martial Arts ‘Good Old Days’ Shire Martial Arts has been training boys, girls, men and women for over 20 years. It’s interesting to reflect on where we have come from and what we’ve achieved. In the last 2 decades we’ve: Coached students to win regional, state and national Poomsae and sparring competitions as well as enter the world championships of sparring. Instructed the Sydney 2000 Taekwondo Demonstration Team. Help design the systems for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Taekwondo event and then manage them during the 2000 Olympic Games. Manage the 2002 Youth Olympic festival. Help organise the Athens […]

Shire Martial Arts = Family Martial Arts

Family Martial Arts You’ve probably noticed that we tend to talk about ‘family Martial Arts’ at SMA quite a bit. In fact, to help encourage family Martial Arts we tell our parents “… if you have two or more kids training at Shire Martial Arts, then Mum or Dad can train for FREE”. If two or more of your kids train with us then consider trying out our Adult program. Many of our family groups enjoy training together in our Saturday morning class. Some parents of teens also join in the occasional teen class! If you don’t have two kids training […]

SMA ex Students – a SPECIAL OFFER

Over the past 20 years SMA has trained over 1000 students! At SMA we’ve noticed that people tend to stop their Martial Arts training for many reasons such as work and study commitments, becoming involved with other activities, are not ready to commit to the challenge of achieving black belt, fear of failure, self doubts, anxiety or low self esteem. Some even leave after achieving their black belt. Perhaps it’s time to consider finishing what you started, even if it was years ago? In our 20th year Shire Martial Arts would like to reach out to ALL of our former students with […]

Shire Martial Arts: Training for Over 20 YEARS!

Welcome to SideKick! Magazine the official online newsletter of Shire Martial Arts It’s true! The 23rd May 2015 marked the 20th anniversary of SMA. So, this first online edition is dedicated to our past and present students. It’s also a celebration of the people who make Shire Martial Arts an awesome school. This issue celebrates our journey from humble beginnings to where we are now. Subsequent editions of SideKick! Magazine will keep you up to date with the Shire Martial Arts community and training. If you have any ideas for articles or you have something interesting to contribute to Sidekick! Magazine […]