Caringbah Taekwondo Mentorship

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Caringbah Taekwondo at Shire Martial Arts has a unique system of mentoring our students.

We call it our ‘Special Winning Attitude Team’ or SWAT program which is a part of our STORM employment program.

It works like this… our Caringbah Taekwondo senior instructors mentor our junior instructors who then mentor our assistants who in turn mentor our students.

The STORM program is for graduates of our SWAT (Special Winning Attitude Team) program which Shire Martial Arts runs every two years. There is a video that explains in more detail how the SWAT and STORM programs operate.

The video is here:

You will also see in the short video on this post (below) how one of our junior assistants helps out by mentoring some of our young 7-8 year old ‘Big Dolphins’ at our Sutherland Shire Taekwondo school which is located on the border of Taren Point and Caringbah.

We have a SWAT program scheduled to start in October 2015 which is a great way for our students to finish off the year and for Shire Martial Arts to look for future instructors as a part of our STORM program.

Since this is the 20th anniversary year of our Caringbah Taekwondo school (we used to be known as Taekwondo Cronulla) our 2015 SWAT program will be a very special event. Master Gary Simmons will be one of the main presentors of the program however, past graduates who are now fully qualifed instructors will also be presenting. It’s very exciting.

We will be sending out the SWAT program applications to students who we think are ready who are in our ‘Black Belt Club’ program, as well as our Teens and Adult programs.

Of course our exisiting SWAT and STORM students will be asked to attend.

So, stand by for the SWAT applications, they’ll be arriving soon!

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