BBC Stage 3 Downloads

Stage 3 Black Belt Club Downloads (for all Red Belts)

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You can download all the information about the Black Belt Club as well as find out exactly how you can apply for Stage 3 in the links below.

*Please note that normally individual students are INVITED to join the BBC. However to launch this exciting program we are inviting and encouraging ALL SMA students to apply. Therefore this page will only be open for a limited time. If you want to be a part of the BBC Program, download and complete the application exactly as specified and submit it at the reception desk by Saturday 17 September 2016. After that date this page will become password protected and membership will be by invitation only. So, there is no time to waste!

Juniors are students who are UNDER 14 years of age at the time of application. Seniors are students who are 14 years and OVER at the time of application.

JUNIOR Stage 3 BBC Downloads                     SENIOR Stage 3 BBC Downloads

Stage 3 Jnr Introduction                                 Stage 3 Snr Introduction

Stage 3 Jnr Checklist                                 Stage 3 Snr Checklist

Stage 3 Jnr Application                                 Stage 3 Snr Application

Stage 3 Jnr BBC Test                                 Stage 3 Snr BBC Test

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